Switzerland Certified Specialist

Switzerland Certified Specialist Program


Switzerland Travel Academy is offering an Electronic learning (eLearning) platform to educate travel agents and tour operators on practical information on how and where to travel in Switzerland. The information which the travel agents will gain through this training program will help them in marketing more trips to Switzerland.

Programme structure

 This course is divided into eight seminars and the travel agents can study the material at their own pace. Each seminar requires approximately two-four hours of study. The tests per seminar consist of multiple-choice questions that need to be answered correctly in order to pass. Once you complete all the test questions correctly you will become a Switzerland Certified Specialist. 


 The course is offered free of charge

Receipt of individual certification, enabling clients to recognize the knowledge and specialization as a fully trained and qualified Switzerland Specialist

Rights to use Certified Specialist logo for letters/brochures/internet

Invitations to Switzerland Tourism’s events in India

Your agency listing on the toruism board website

Receive the latest up-dates of Switzerland with the newsletter of Switzerland Tourism

Priority in participating in Switzerland Tourism’s educational trips to Switzerland


If you are interested in this training course, please send a mail to enquiries@indiatourismreview.com

If you wish to feature your training course in this space, please send a mail to editor@indiatourismreview.com



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12 Nov 2014

There are also houses situated close to the beach, those situated in hills that have
got stunning ocean views, mansions, single family homes
and so forth.

Pooja Sharma
25 Mar 2013

I would like to do the Specialist Program.

K Kumar
21 Mar 2013

I would like to do the Specialist Program offered by STA.Kindly advise further action.

M. Amudha
18 Mar 2013

i would like to do Switzerland Certified Specialist Program.

can you please give me the permission to do the same .... thanks

Ms. Pooja Chheda
12 Mar 2013

How to become a specialist because when we are clicking on enquries it is saying it is not properly installed so pls let me know.

Bikash Chakraborty
28 Feb 2013

Being a wonderful destination, I would like to become a swiss tourism certified expert, which would help us the send more people to visit Swiss.

M.Natarajan (Nada)
28 Feb 2013

We would like to become a swiss tourism certified experts to promote more FIT& GIT movements to Switzerland..
Natarajan/ M ( Nada )

Kashmira Irani
27 Feb 2013

How to become a specialist because when we are clicking on enquries it is saying it is not properly installed so pls let me know.

23 Feb 2013

I'd like our company to become a certified Swiss experts.

Kashmira Irani
22 Feb 2013

I want to become a Swiss Specialist so tat i get more knowledge on the destinatin & sell to people other uknown destinations as Switzerland is everybodys Dream Destination.

Mrs Setu Gokani
21 Feb 2013

Kindly advise if this course can be done online as leaving work will be a bit tough .

15 Feb 2013

I want to be switzerland professional

Shiranee Perera
14 Feb 2013

I am extremely keen to learn about the course on Switzerland. Switzerland is an awesome destination and has so much to offer. Very keen to make use of the course you are providing to sell Switzerland as one of the top most tourist destinations.

amit agarwal
01 Feb 2013

it is really pleasure to hear any comment or promotion from swiss ,as swiss is a must see destination for all travellers who are planning for europe. it is dream to visit swiss for travellers , is the feedback of guests. no matter we never have been there.

29 Jan 2013

I would like to participate the training programe to enable to market your destination in our counrty, inidia.

Get to know Copenhagen - a wonderful
This programme has been created by

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