California Expert


California Expert is the online training program for travel agents across India. The objective of the online training program is to educate the travel agents on the diversity of this Golden State. This program assists travel agents to learn more about the 12 magnificent California regions, various Californian lifestyles and help them prepare and develop itineraries according to the preference of the travelers.

On completion of all the modules associated with this program, the travel agents become certified California Experts.

Structure of the program

The program requires the registered users to finish 7 major modules. Each module includes detailed and useful information on each topic, as well as did-you-know facts and insider tips. Training topics include California’s distinctive regions, attractions, beaches, lifestyle, entertainment, shopping and history.

Time required

There is no specific time frame in which an agent can finish the program. Since it is a simple and educative module, the agents can choose to complete the modules in their leisure time.


This online learning program helps travel agents gain immense knowledge and understanding of California, its regions and the Californian lifestyle.

The travel agents are regularly updated with exciting news, events, insider tips and things-to-do across the state of California.

This training program empowers agents to effectively introduce California to the increasing number of Indian travelers and help travel professionals design and build unique itineraries for their clients.

The California Expert program is a step towards providing Indian travel agents with the optimum planning and marketing tools to continue promoting travel to California.

On completion of the modules after registering, the travel agents are awarded with certificates becoming certified California Expert.

Contest (if any)

Upon completion of the modules, travel agents automatically enter a lucky draw contest to win several California gifts and one grand prize which is a trip to California.


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JS Dhillon
25 Apr 2013

Hi, Are their skiing trekking and other adventure options available in the state or nearby places? If yes, I would like to get educated as lot of people take my advice on the subject. Is your program on the net or personal attendance is required?
Kindly give more details. Thanking you. Joe Dhillon

Mohmed Akil Biwala
09 Apr 2013

i would like to finish this certified training

Get to know Copenhagen - a wonderful
This programme has been created by

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