Services offered by Air France–KLM–Delta to trade partners

Authored by Kamal Sengupta, Director Sales, Air France–KLM

Air France–KLM–Delta, is continuously striving to provide their trade partners with a multitude of seamless online and offline service options. In pursuit of this objective, the trade website was launched in 2011. Over 1100 agents have already enrolled and benefit from the services and information provided on the site. Effective 11 June 2013, the site will be renamed and relaunched as which will have additional information and services on AFKL and DL. This site is designed to provide travel agents with vital and relevant information on our products and policies. will also give agents 24/7 access to on-line services such as PNR confirmations, name change, etc. Those who enroll now on will be automatically enrolled to during the changeover.

For the offline part the All India Sales Support desk was launched in July 2012. This desk aims at providing seamless service to all contracted partners in sales support queries. Further, to assist our key trade partners, a specialised desk has been launched effective 01st March 2013 with objective to give them prioritized and professional service. These select agents can access the desk via a dedicated process to avail of this VIP service.

These services are offered to our valuable trade partners keeping in mind their specific requirements and to be available for them. These desks are professionally equipped to handle the queries of our travel partners in the most efficient way. Apart from these we also have external communication to the trade informing them of the latest developments on afkldl via the trade flash and our quarterly newsletter called Connections.


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Mr. Mohini M. Dutta
31 Jul 2013

I need to know little more detail about the services offered by Air France, KL, and Delta through this Like to meet with any one of your Agent. my Phone Nos. +91 22 67459000 Dir. +91 22 67459231. Thanks and Regards

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