Goibibo.com releases an all new International Air booking application

Goibibo.com, one of India's leading OTA has registered a growth of 200%, year on year on its international air category. 

Dubai, Bangkok, London, Hong Kong and Singapore are the top 5 international destinations in terms of booking done, the portal informed in a release. 

In keeping with its promise of “getting bookings DONE fastest and in a simplest manner”, the company has released an all new international booking application with features such as:  Air Craft layout, Seat pitch information, Alerts such as: Late Night flight and Long Lay Overs; Fare Calendar and sleuth of super refiners.   

1)   Aircraft layout and seat pitch 

This option allows users to see the aircraft layout, seat layout, seat pitch, facilities like entertainment, in-flight meals, baggage information such as size and weight of baggage. This makes the user more comfortable and confident while choosing the airline for his international travel. 

a)     Air craft layout and seat layout


b)    Seat Pitch information 

 2)   Late Night flight alert 

A small icon just to inform the customer that the option is a late night flight. This helps in making an informed decision. 

 3)   Long layover flight alert 

On International travel generally there is a layover. This layover if too short can cause heartburn to the user as the chances of missing connecting flight increases in case one flight gets delayed. Also sometimes the layover is very long like a day or more. In this case customer has to wait at the airport. We enable customers to choose the right option by highlighting the alert in case customer is choosing an option with short or long layover.

 4)   Fare graph  

Fare graph gives consumers a 30 day option with prices. As a result a consumer can choose dates where he gets lower fares. Fare graph enables consumers to save by letting them see the fare trends and also date best for booking. 

5)    Super Filters & refiners

Goibibo lets its user sort the results on the basis of FASTEST, CHEAPEST AND MOST EFFICIENT FLIGHTS. 

a)   Fastest option


  b)  Cheapest option 

There are refiners which enables consumers to refine basis transit airports, time bands and more.  For e.g. for travel to US they can choose Paris as an airport for connections. 

a)     Refine basis transit airports


 b)    Refine Time band wise 

 The top 10 Destinations on Goibibo international air platform are: 



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