Abacus to announce its most radical product roll-out for travel professionals

Travel technology provider Abacus has come up with a set of new offerings for its agency subscribers to facilitate better content distribution which it claims will reset travel distribution system.

“Abacus is bringing together the best of global with the best of local,” explained Martin Symes, CMO for Abacus.

Abacus will be using the Red App capabilities of the new Abacus WorkSpace point-of-sale platform for the new products.

The company has released the following highlights of the services while the full range of new products and solutions will be revealed during the Abacus International Conference, 14-17 October.

Abacus ContentPlus

Abacus ContentPlus aggregates the most competitive air, hotel, car, insurance and ground products to be sold stand-alone or as part of a package.

Travel agents no longer will have to access multiple systems: all content sources are accessible within a single point-of-sale –with super-PNR integration between Abacus ContentPlus and the Abacus GDS, claims the company.

“We are solving the problem of content fragmentation, while making travel agents so much more productive and competitive,” said Symes.

For accommodation, Abacus RoomDeal, delivered in partnership with Indonesia’s ‘bedbank’ brand, MG Group, will channel net rates from up to 25 leading hotel content aggregators for unparalleled pricing and availability.

UK-based Travel fusion will scale the company’s low cost carrier (LCC) options. Already home to the largest portfolio of LCCs in Asia Pacific, Abacus will now offer over 180 budget airlines, with their ancillary products and services phased in.

Abacus ContentPlus will integrate City Discovery’s portfolio of destination products, introducing 8,000 trending activities, attractions, event ticketing and tours, together with a wealth of airport transfers, while Cartrawler provides pre-paid rentals from over 1,200 car rental suppliers and chauffeur driven services in 30,000 destinations. Insurance specialist AIG Group completes the range of launch content providers.

Planned future phases will see further additions to Abacus ContentPlus, including rail, cruise, ferry and coach products.


Abacus TravelPlus

For wholesalers Abacus has a separate proposition with Abacus TravelPlus, a web-based package creation, distribution and booking solution, launching today.

“Wholesalers want to be more tactical, to maximise their distribution,” said Symes.

“The capabilities of Abacus TravelPlus, including its built-in eFlyer creation tool, will move more inventory faster, increasing productivity.”

Larry Lo, Managing Director of Westminster Travel, Hong Kong said, “We filter with our travellers’ preferences and then cross-sell from the well-stocked shelves. It will definitely deliver incremental business, but the time-saving in packaging is going to be a big benefit.”

Abacus MobileConnect

Complementing TripCase, the consumer travel itinerary app, Abacus is also presenting a travel agency tool for the small screen in Abacus MobileConnect.

The app, it is believed, will make it possible for any travel agency to launch, with minimal investment, their own branded mobile app with all the critical functions needed by travellers.

As well as bookings, these include check-in prompts, timely trip alerts, flight status and contextually relevant destination information such as weather and events, together with personalised promotions in-trip - ideal for last minute reservations.

For Asia’s hyper-social markets there is also a Send Postcard option to share images from the trip with family and friends, as well as the agency for reviews. Abacus MobileConnect integrates with the popular social media platforms.

In response to ever growing concerns over security, Abacus has also introduced a Call for Help function, using GPS location data to alert next of kin to difficulties. It will allow agencies to offer a 24/7 Online Helpdesk via VOIP, IM or SMS.

“Given the increasing demand for both pre-trip and in-trip mobile solutions, Abacus MobileConnect will provide our agents with a vital new channel for selling and managing their clients’ travel,” said Symes.


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