Emilia Kubik, Project Leader, Department of Marketing Planning, Polish Tourist Organization
02 Dec 2014

Since 2006 the Polish Tourist Organisation has been conducting marketing activities in India on a regular basis promoting city and cultural tourism, UNESCO sites, cultural events, Poland as a...

Pankaj Nagpal, Chairman, ETAA- North India
01 Dec 2014

Enterprising Travel Agents Association (ETAA) which was established in 1998 has been growing at a steady rate, bringing non-IATA members in its folds, since its inception. Recently the North Chapter...

Byungsun Lee, Director, KTO India
17 Sep 2014

In recent years, South Korea Tourism has enhanced its focus in Indian market. While the country is known to attract a large number of business travelers, it is gradually positioning itself as an...

SanJeet, Tourism Attache, Philippines Tourism Marketing Office, India
13 Sep 2014

It has been reported that Philippine tourism department is initiating new ventures to promote the island nation as a perfect wedding destination to Indian tourists while also targeting Bollywood in...

Lubaina Sheerazi, India Representative, Ministry of Tourism, Oman
13 Aug 2014

Sultunate of Oman is increasingly becoming a favourite in Indian wedding market with the tourism board taking specific initiatives in this direction. Lubaina Sheerazi, in an exclusive interview with...

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