'India is one of the three Emerging Markets highlighted in TNZ's 3-yr Marketing Plan'
25 Jun 2014

As many as 33% Indians have voted New Zealand as their dream destination in a recent survey conducted by a leading travel site. The country also expects good business in the coming months with the upcoming event of ICC World Cup.

Also, New Zealand is gaining popularity as an unconventional tourist destinations among affluent Indian tourists who like to explore new places.The latest data received from the board disclosed that New Zealand has witnessed a whopping 31 percent increase in Indian tourists in the month of May.

In an exclusive interview with India Tourism Review, Mischa Mannix-Opie, Regional Manager- South & South East Asia at Tourism New Zealand talks elaborately about the board's upcoming plans and programs, and its target sections and expectations from Indian market.


According to a recent survey conducted by Trip Advisor, New Zealand is among the top dream destinations for outbound Indian visitors. How do you plan to capitalize on this popularity in immediate future?

India is a market that is very promising for New Zealand and one of the three Emerging Markets highlighted in Tourism New Zealand’s Three Year Marketing Plan. We have a variety of activities planned for the market in the upcoming months. We are promoting 100% Pure New Zealand to young adventurers, Indian families and the MICE market.  2014 will also be a good year as it marks the completion of The Hobbit Trilogy which is a major opportunity for us to feature our ‘100% Middle-earth 100% Pure New Zealand’ campaign.   We will also be promoting New Zealand strongly through cricket, with New Zealand being a co-host of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015.

 How do you plan to promote the exclusive experience that New Zealand has to offer to Indian tourists? Do you have a particular niche in your mind as your target?

One of our priority segments for the next year will be the families market. We plan to market refreshed New Zealand travel packages for families who would like a unique holiday experience. We will also use our annual trade training event, Kiwi Link (July/August 2014) to showcase these experiences to the Indian travel trade community. .

TNZ will also be launching a series of marketing initiatives for the Indian MICE market in 2014 along with more strategic partnerships within the travel trade industry. This will be with a specific focus on the corporate incentive market of which New Zealand already hosts many groups.  We will also place a continued focus on showcasing the range of experiences that New Zealand offers to the young adventurers and honeymoon market, and will also focus on the luxury accommodations and experiences.

Connectivity is an issue for travelers wanting to visit New Zealand. How do you plan to troubleshoot the problem?

Tourism New Zealand has various airline, airport and travel trade partnerships, which are aimed at making New Zealand easier to buy and easier to travel to.  We run joint venture advertising campaigns throughout the year with Singapore Airlines and Malaysia Airlines, two of the most favourite airlines for Indian travelers in reaching New Zealand. 

With ICC World Cup 2015 around the corner, do you see Indian fan base as an important market? Will Tourism New Zealand devise an exclusive plan to attract the fans?

We are excited to host the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015. New Zealand and India both share a strong bond with cricket and we are confident that this opportunity will help us strengthen our relationship with the India.

We have lined up interesting activities for the Indian market right from the beginning of 2014. New Zealand gained a lot of attention during the cricket tournament ‘India tour of New Zealand 2014’ as it acted as a launch-pad for activities surrounding the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015. We will be undertaking a range of initiatives in India surrounding the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 including consumer events; media programmes and trade initiatives. We will also be working with the Official Travel Agents appointed by the ICC to promote travel packages and the dual visa between Australia and New Zealand that will be made available to cricket fans for the mega sporting event.

It’s an exciting event for New Zealand to host and given our success in hosting the Rugby World Cup 2011 we are confident that we will provide an exceptional experience to our visitors.




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