India is beginning to appear as a strategic market for inbound tourism to Czech Republic
11 Dec 2014

Q. How many Indian tourists visited Czech Republic in 2014 according to the latest figure? 

In 2013, 28,796 Indians visited Czech Republic. This year during the period between January and September, 29 040 Indians visited the country which marks a 25% growth as compared to the same period in 2013. 

Q. How important is Indian market for you? And what are your expectations from here? 

India is beginning to appear as a strategic market for inbound tourism to Czech Republic. Following the decrease of Russian visitors due to conflict in Ukraine last year, Czech Tourism is enhancing its focus on new markets such as East Asia (China, South Korea, Japan) and South Asian countries like India to compensate the loss.

We expect growth of Indian outbound tourism numbers in the following years and India is definitely of growing importance to us. 

Q. What is your promotional and marketing strategy vis-a-vis Indian outbound market? 

We have a number of activities lined up to promote Czech destinations among Indian tourists.  Main marketing theme next year will be Romantic Czech Republic, followed with image campaign based on the theme of Czech traditions which will also be run in some other markets also.

Apart from this, other activities include:

1) Promotional activities related to opening of Foreign Office of CzechTourism in Delhi 

2) Experience your Bang Bang story campaign and trip for the winner of the competition on the occasion of the introduction of the film to TV. 

3) Promotional activities on social media platform of CzechTourism (Discover Czech Republic page)

4) Smartphone applications (film application, Czech traditions application) 

Q. Share with us some of the major attractions and activities which, according to you, will appeal Indian tourists planning to travel to Czech.

Prague as a romantic city of many faces. From gothic cathedrals, to superb quality dining experience followed by long lasting culture of Prague cafes - places where famous writers (Franz Kafka), poets, playwrights (Václav Havel), filmmakers (Miloš Forman) and actors spent most of their time discussing their work and world around them, followed by modern Czech design (Dancing house, events like Meet Czech Design, Design Market etc.). Prague is definitely a no. 1 destination to visit when you come to Czech Republic. 

Pilsen is known as a world's capital of beer and also European Capital of Culture 2015. 

Northern Czech Republic is known for its beautiful natural landscape and is just an hour from Prague (Czech Paradise, Czech Switzerland). It has a unique historical heritage (Kost castle, Trosky castle and is also the land of famous Czech glassmakers (Preciosa, Moser) 

Southern Moravia - land of wine, sun drained winefields, chateauxes (Lednice-Valtice complex), watercanals (Baťa canal) and opportunities of active holidays (cyclo-routes around South Moravia and north-eastern Austria, horse riding etc.) 

Český Krumlov - so called "jewell of Southern Bohemia". This fairytale city has unique blend of historical centre (included on UNESCO heritage sites list), narrow medieval streets, opportunities of adventures around (rafting on Vltava river, hiking in the near-by Šumava mountains) and great services.  

Q. What is the next big thing that Czech Tourism has planned for Indian market? 

Opening of the Foreign Office is in final stages of development. We already have campaigns running with PVR (spots at PVR cinemas, banners followed by landing page, where Czech Republic is promoted and 6 packages are offered) and Ezeego1. 

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